Association “FORUM FOR BALKAN TRANSPORT AND INFRASTRUCTURE” operates in the public interest, consisting in:
Analysis and policy development in the Balkan transport and infrastructure, integration of national transport systems in the Balkans.
Analytical information for business forecasting, as well as any other activity in accordance with the Law for Non-profits.

Our goals

Analysis, preparation, promotion and policy for the development of transport and infrastructure in Bulgaria and accompanying activities.
Building an active business relationship between the Balkan countries and transport companies, using general and specialized infrastructure, information exchange, personnel and technology, integration of transport systems and provision of transport services.
Advising and assisting the state authorities , and professional organizations for proper implementation of regulations in the field of transport, participation in the preparation of draft legislation and technical assistance.
Development and presentation of innovative technologies, integrated modes of transport and infrastructure (multimodality) and green transport corridors.
Support for our members. Upskilling our members working in the the field of transport and logistics.